Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cruising the Oregon Coast

Continuing our Oregon coastal route to Portland, we made our next stop in Lincoln City.  It was another great find along the Oregon coast!

A perfect camping spot on the banks of the Siletz River at Coyote Rock RV

(On a side note...we found this site through the Passport America program.  This is a MUST have for
the full-time RVer.  We snagged this great spot, with full hook-ups, free wifi, cable, laundry for only $16 a night!
And they didn't charge us extra for being a party of more than 2.  The camp owner is very nice, as is his staff.)
The backside of our campsite...the fishing dock and boat launch :)
-Exploring our new area-

We saw this sign a lot along the coast!

And we did this a lot, too :)

This is the way to our favorite Lincoln City beach.
The beach is at the end of this street, on the left.
Fish faces :)

We loved this beach for many reasons:
Low tide

Chillaxin' sea mammals only a few yards away!

It has been very windy every time we went to any beach in we bought a kite.
What is the best way to make the wind stop?  Buy a kite :)
Our kite only made three very short trips up before the wind stopped completely.
Sneaker Waves
Pure joy :)
There is driftwood everywhere...perfect for climbing and exploring!
Building a hideout

Love this...
Making memories...

Sightseeing around Lincoln City and Depoe Bay:
Lincoln City boasts they have the World's Shortest River
And here it is!
125 feet long:  "D" River

Meanwhile, Depoe Bay boasts they have the World's Smallest Harbor

We checked out the "Surfing Museum" in Lincoln City.
The kids are very interested in surfing since watching
Soul Surfer.

Faux surfing....until we make it to Hawaii :)
A little known fact about Jon and I:
We were the models for the Endless Summer movie poster :)

Best.Carmel Corn.Evah.....
on the boardwalk in Depoe Bay, OR

We stopped in the Whale Center in Depoe Bay....

A killer whale
The jaw bone of a gray whale---it's bigger than Jolie :)
Whale watching!  But, no whales to be found today :(
We did find a harbor seal playing in the harbor.

And we did a little geocaching....
This is why we geocache----look at this gorgeous spot we found!  We would've missed
it!  The little green thing in the bottom right corner is our first travel bug :)  We
found it in a cache in Napa, CA.  We put him in his new home in OR.  We are tracking his journey---he has already been picked up and moved to WA.  It's fun to watch its journey.  
We're heading to Portland via Tillamook next!

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