Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oregon or Bust

We made it!!  Oregon at last :)
We're now traveling through states the kids have never been to!  
So fun :)
We made it!!!!  Whoop, whoop!
The poor kids...every few minutes we were saying, "Look at the ocean!  Wow, looks at those rocks!"  The Oregon coast line is breathtaking and gorgeous.  
And no... I haven't photo shopped these photos.  The sky turns from sunny to cloudy to rainy back to sunny every few minutes around these parts!  The photos in this post are all taken the same day...when we traveled from Klamath, CA to Coos Bay, OR.

Pistol Creek, meet the Pacific Ocean

Oregon's highest bridge:  375 feet

Lunchtime view :)
  Where did this overpass come from???
We all scrunched down in our seats to make it under :)

Looky at this overpass!  See all the chunks missing on the right side??
We squeezed under it where the arrow points left:  14'
We need 13' 6" of clearance!  

Ah... home sweet home for the next 3 nights:

We got to our campground on the west side of town in the early afternoon, so we had time to explore Coos Bay and where the bay meets the ocean.

Ok...this is not the kind of exploration we had in mind!
Guess we're turning around and going back to the main road.
The kids tried really hard to get us to go through though :)

Pacific Ocean, just south of where Coos Bay meets it.

Sunset Bay State Park...

Cape Arago Lighthouse
Cape Arago Lighthouse Details

Charleston Harbor
So fun to find a harbor seal in the... harbor :)
Charleston Harbor, on a beautiful evening...
We had a beautiful drive along the coast today.  The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, so we're going to take advantage of it and explore Bandon, OR.

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