Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tilla-mooooooooo-k, OR

It's moving day to Portland!  It's a short drive from Lincoln City to Portland, so we had time for a field trip at the 
Tillamook Cheese Factory :)

I {heart} barn quilts!
Special delivery from four types of cows:
Jersey, Holstein, Gurnsey, and Brown Swiss
Beep, beep
It's a self guided tour...
but the displays were so well done, that every question we had was answered.
For example:  Did you know that there are approximately 350 squirts of milk in a gallon?
Packaging Room
The packaging crew was so friendly...they kept waving to the kids :)
It was really mesmerizing watching the 40 pound blocks of cheese (coming in from the right in this photo)
getting cut down into the correct size, being weighed for accuracy, then getting the plastic package put on
and being sealed.
The lady in the picture in the bottom left corner was fixing blocks that didn't have
the correct weight.  She either shaved some cheese off the block if it was too heavy or added a strip of cheese
if it was too light.
After the cheese is determined to be the correct size/weight, it gets its package wrap.
Final product...ready to eat!
They take great pride in their farms, cheese, and people.
This is the 100th anniversary quilt.
At the end of the tour was what we all were waiting for...
cheese tasting!

We "loaf" cheese :)
The Tillamook Cheese Factory is a must-see stop!  While there, we learned that the town of Tillamook would be a GREAT place to stay awhile, but...

Portland awaits!

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  1. I love your blog!!! Loved seeing all the different places you have been too and the cheese factory is so cool!! Makes me miss your family even more seeing them. so blessed by checking your blog. Patti (Smith)