Friday, April 13, 2012

Rockin' the Redwoods: All things kitschy

kitsch |kiCH|nounart, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentalitybut sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way: the lava lamp is an example of sixties kitsch | [ as modifier ] :kitsch decor.
We have started the last leg of our expedition...we are journeying towards our new life in Kentucky.  

We're starting where Jon is standing in the Pacific Northwest.
It's a long way to Kentucky from here!  We're looking forward to the adventure!
We said good-bye to my family and played tourist at two places in my hometowns.

My dad moved to Auburn in 1979.  This miner welcomes everyone to Auburn when you first come into's in old town.
In 32 years, I've never stopped to see him...this year---I stopped.
Another welcoming statue...this is at the southern end of the Napa Valley.
I grew up here...and never stopped to look at the statue.
Nice to finally meet you Mr. Vintner. 
We started by from the Bay Area of California, traveling north making our way to the coast on Hwy 101.

Yup...the Redwoods are this a-way!
Welcome to California Redwood Country:
Ok, I'll state the obvious...these trees are HUGE!
All along the road through the redwoods, you'll find lots of kitschy places to stop :)
We stopped overnight in Richardson Grove...right across the street from our campground were the One-log House
and the Grandfather Tree!
This house is built inside ONE redwood log...
Here's the story...
Inside the One Log Home...a little smaller than our camper :)
I'm a little jealous...this log home has MORE counter space than I do!
There are lots of chainsaw art sculptures to see!
Can't miss the Grandfather Tree---it's 1800 years old!
The tree is over Faith's left shoulder.
A close-up of the Grandfather Tree
I couldn't get the kids and the tree top all in the same photo!
Making our way north along the Eel River
In case you were thinking we are in Oregon...nope,
still California.  You can tell by the shops in town... :)

Garberville, CA...of course!  Northwest CA still lives in the 1960's.  :)
We didn't stop at this one, but I remember it from my childhood...while taking road trips to Eureka to visit my grandpa. 

Ah...The Avenue of the Giants...we can't wait to see these trees and funky roadside attractions.
The Living Chimney Tree
It was hollowed out by fire, but still lives and thrives today!
You can tour it for free.

What an amazing drive!

The kids checking out the inside of a still living tree...there are many trees that have hollowed out foundations, but are still alive and growing strong!
The best way to explore is to bring a flashlight :)
"Oh, the places you'll go..."
We found Bigfoot!
So happy he wasn't alive :)
Although... we kept teasing the kids that we really wanted to "mess with the Sasquatch"!  hee hee
The kids really wanted to drive through a tree, but we
just...didn'  :)
Paul Bunyan and his ox, Babe
Monty kids are in front of Babe...
It was a nice, fun drive through the redwoods to our next campsite on the edge of the Redwood National Park, right on the Klamath River in Klamath, CA.
Kinda hard to see in this photo, but the river runs just on the other side of the fire dock on the right.
We had an amazing view from our kitchen table :)
Chinook RV Resort...a beautiful location!
We were not only on the Klamath River, but just around the bend behind Jolie the river flows into the
Pacific Ocean!

We have more redwood adventures to share in the next post...

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