Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washington~Where Team Monty began...20 years ago

Springtime in Washington, 1992...two people fell in love, with Mt. Rainier as the backdrop.

Welcome to Washington

Hello, Mt. St. Helens!  It's so good to see you!

Mt. Rainier welcoming us back :)

A gorgeous campsite on Ft. Lewis at the Army Travel Camp
...and a VERY happy Monty wearing a t-shrit!
Thank-you Lord for sunshine and a few days of warm weather !
After settling into our campsite, it was time to take the kids on a trip down Memory Lane...

McChord Air Force Base brought us together, as we both were assigned to serve here--I arrived in 1990 and Jon, 1992.
(In 20 years, things change...McChord AFB has now combined with Ft. Lewis Army Post to
become one Joint Base--Lewis-McChord and it's now called McChord Field.)

We were serving in the same small air defense career our paths crossed here:
Another change:  Our unit used to be the Northwest Air Defense Sector and it was an active duty
unit, call sign:  "Bigfoot"

There is a nice monument to those of the air defense mission outside the building now.
This is a radar height finder with an F-16, the tools used to help us "see" who was flying in our air space
and then defend it, if necessary.

We showed the kids our first apartment and then our first house on base.
But, the best was taking them to our home church while stationed here.  It was an amazing "Team Monty" experience.  Together we worshipped the One who knit this family together where He started it all!

Heritage Hills on McChord Field...
with Mt. Rainier as the backdrop---
my how life changes in 20 years!
Team Monty established 1992.
The team expanded in 1998, 2000, and again in 2003.  :)

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