Monday, March 26, 2012

Grandpa's farm, part two

February 25th-March 4th

We headed back to my dad's for one last week on the farm.  

The kids took over farm chores during our stay... and they were happy to see their new friends again:

The kids also were able to take lessons learned on our bunny rescue field trip during our first stay foster caring for a bunny!


After all the snuggles, they got down to learning how to properly take care of a rabbit. you remember our field trip to see the goats three weeks ago?  Well, things have been busy at Marge's farm!  Marge invited us back to enjoy the fun!  :)

The kids are arriving!!!
Marge let us hold these precious babies...they are only a couple of days old.  

These babies were born an HOUR before we got there!  The baby on the right is starting to stand for the first time.
AND...a mama goat was in the process of delivering while we were there!  We got to see the first part of the delivery!
Holding the baby goats quickly became one of our most favorite events of the RV trip :)

Spring has sprung on the farm!
We played a lot on Grandpa's farm this week:
Football with Auntie Allison and Uncle Joey
Exploring the farm...
and the creek that runs along it...
Oooops, we had a casualty while creek walking :)
Quad rides with Grandpa....awesome!
(That is Marge's farm with all the goats in the background.)
Telling stories while riding in the back of the truck...
More baking together:  apple cider doughnuts!  Yum!!!
The men bringing up firewood to keep us cozy in the chilly spring temperatures.
This just cracked me up...can you see all the glowing screens?
We were all playing "Draw Something" together via iPads and iPhones :)
Doing a few egg experiments for our chicken study, as we had so many eggs from the chickens!
An egg floating in salt water! 
Um... Grandpa, you aren't supposed to break the egg!
Sharing the love of Geocaching with Auntie Allison.
We geocached on the way to the hair salon.
Check out Faith's new do!

Even though there are signs of spring in the foothills... there is snow right up the road :)

We took a Team Monty trip to play in the snow at Scotts Flat:

Oh...yeah, snowball fight!
Armed and ready...
(The lake is in the background.)
Jolie and I kicking snow off the dock into the lake...
we made a bunch of mini icebergs.
Jon teaching the fine art of snowman building...
This is the first time we've been in snow that they could make great snow angels!
Jolie Cait
Yup...we did a doughnut :)
The kids thought that was cool!
Team Monty plus One

We also celebrated a birthday this week :)

We had so much fun in the snow, we made a second trip.  This time we all went and we brought sleds and tubes.  We had such a GREAT day!  Perfect weather, perfect snow, and a perfect spot:

Daniel had some wicked wipeouts!
Snow wrestling...
Snow football
Faith's cute creation: a Hawaiian snowgirl :)
Jo with Jo
Uncle Joey is the master run started all the way at the top of the hill with turns in the trees!

Kellie tubing!
Jon did a tube run, too!
Uncle Joey, Auntie Allison, and 3 VERY HAPPY kids!

The time at Grandpa's farm has come to an end.  We moved back into the camper and hitched up....
My chariot
A sad day, saying farewell to family...

This time when we left the farm, we took our camper with us.  We moved 90 miles away to Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA for 3 weeks.  We spent most of this time in Napa and the surrounding area, but we did sneak one day trip up to Auburn.  We hope to squeeze in one final visit right before Easter, as we head north towards Oregon in April.

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