Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adventures with Nana, part one

February 18th-25th
Our adventures in Napa started with this:

Never a good sight...
However, the men got the truck started so we headed on down to Napa.  While in Napa, we got the truck repaired.
One new fuel manager later...we now get 3 more mile to a gallon.  Yay!

So, what did we do in Napa?  
Made more amazing memories with family!
We danced for hours with Uncle Chris' Xbox 360 with Kinect!
I have picture of Uncle Chris dancing, too.... but to post them here puts me in jeopardy of him posting VIDEO of me dancing!  I'm not gonna chance it :)
Nana and her sous chef
Sewing lessons with Nana.
The kids are making vests with material of their choosing to hold all their Junior Ranger badges.
Uncle Chris surprised us one morning with bakery delicacies from our favorite childhood bakery:
Nana sharing photo albums and childhood stories...priceless.
Celebrating together with was a 1st birthday party for my cousin's son, Noah.
I got to visit with my aunts, uncle, and cousins.  It was a mini family reunion!

Hiking in Skyline Park

Napa Valley behind hometown.
Love this tree...and the people under it.
DT getting a reality check :)
What a great find at the park...a rope swing!
Another view of the rope can tell we're in Napa here, see the vineyards behind the girls?  

We enjoyed a great field trip to the Point Reyes National Seashore:

Starting with a picnic before we explore.

They have a great visitor center at Bear Valley.

Our first hike is the Kule Loklo trail to work on Junior Ranger badges.
Everything about this park is gorgeous.
Working on their JR badges at the Coast Miwok Indian village.
Inside the sweat lodge
Junior Rangers at another park!
The ranger that granted them their badges announced their names and their status over the PA system.
He told all the people in the visitor center that if they had any questions, to ask the Junior Rangers :)
They were so embarrassed, but they loved it!
Next stop at Point Reyes National Seashore is well, the seashore!  Below is a stock photo of the park where the lighthouse is.  Isn't this just breath taking?  

Point Reyes Headlands © Robert Campbell

We're so blessed to get to explore the above photo on foot, see below:
Hiking to the ends of the earth...

You can see whales migrating from here, as well as elephant seals.
Not a stock photo... I took this one!  This was taken on Point Reyes looking north.
It was gorgeous, but also w-i-n-d-y and ccccccold!
Unfortunately, the lighthouse was closed this day.
So, we decided to drive down to that beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean.
(This is on the left side of the stock Point Reyes photo above.)
Well, when we got there... this is the sign that welcomed us!
"Surfing,wading, and swimming not advised. Shark area, strong undertows, currents, and sneaker waves.  Enter at your own risk."
Ok, we'll heed the sign and take our picture from here.
We drove to the other side of the Point where we could touch the ocean safely.
(If you look at the stock photo of the Point above, this area is in the crescent at the top of the photo.) 
And boy was it cold, as the Pacific Ocean in this area usually is!
Can you see the sand blowing in the wind?
We drove past this home that was along the seashore.  Love it!!!

We also did a lot of dog walking and geocaching at really neat dog parks in the area.

View of the Golden Gate from the Berkeley dog park at Point Isabel.
San Francisco in the background.  Nana, the kids, and Lucas the dog.
Alston Dog Park in Napa.  Yup, those are vineyards behind Jolie.
Geocaching at Alston took us under this cool tree along a creek... and led us to this:

We were blessed to have another great week with family with wonderful adventures, laughs, and fun.  My mom had to head back to work and we headed back to my dad's.  We will have one more week in Auburn before we move the RV to Travis AFB Fam Camp in Fairfield for the duration of our stay near my family.

We're so thankful for this opportunity to spend so much time with family.  It is a gift.

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