Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grandpa's farm, part one

  Farm Days with Grandpa
Part One...
February 5th-18th

We made it to my dad's home on Superbowl Sunday, a couple of days ahead of schedule.  We got "barn run" and couldn't wait to get "home"!

This is where we dry docked the camper for 3 weeks while we stayed in the big house :)

We moved our clothes, the fridge and freezer food, and school supplies into the house.  It was really nice to spread out!  While the camper was empty, it got a spring cleaning :)  

We spent these two weeks playing a lot, making memories together, and we even squeezed in two field trips.  Jon also made a quick trip back to Florida to retire a dear friend of his from full-time duty with the USAF ANG.  The Breitmann family is now on a one year trip around the USA, too!  We hope to meet up with them somewhere, someday.  Check out their adventures here:

Our two weeks in pictures:
Ladderball:  Team Jolie and Auntie Allison

Drank lots of hot chocolate

Crashed Flew remote controlled  airplanes with Uncle Joey

Faith and Auntie Allison baking a chocolate cake from scratch.

Spent hours talking and laughing.
(I took this picture from upstairs.)

One of many games played.

Daniel and Uncle Joey playing hard, as boys do!

Bike rides with Grandpa

Wrestling matches with Grandpa.... kids don't hurt him!

Oh... well now, Grandpa don't hurt them!  :)

The kids learned how to do the farm chores and then they did them for the next couple of weeks!

Faith learning how to clean the chicken coop.

While Jolie and Daniel enjoyed the chickens.  

They all like collecting the eggs  :)
Some days, there were a dozen to gather!

Throwing feed to Spyder.

Winter chores:  breaking the ice off the top of the horses' water trough.

After chores are done, it's time to hang out in the barn with the barn kitty.

Now it's time for some fun--- horseback riding lessons with Auntie!
What more chores for that???  Yup, DT dragging the arena.

And prepping the horse to ride...

Faith learning how to lunge the horse.

Waiting... oh, so patiently to ride!

All 3 kids learned so they had an amazing instructor!
They all smiled all day long!

It wasn't all fun and games...studies must be tended to, too :)

Although with Jolie, she pretty much has a good time no matter what she's doing :)

We enjoyed two field trips to Grandpa's neighbors' farms...

Marge's farm:  
We went there to see all the pregnant goats...they'll be birthing the kids in a couple of weeks.

That's Marge in the ball cap.  We learned so much about farming/ranching goats.  She is an amazing woman!  She even built the barn that is standing behind her.

See you soon momma goats...looking forward to meeting the kids :)

Jerry's farm:
Second Chance Bunnies

Jerry and Janet Foster founded Second Chance Bunnies, a bunny rescue facility in their home.

Jerry gave us a tour of his bunny rescue facility.

Jerry shared his passion for saving unwanted bunnies, answered all of our many questions, and taught us how to care for bunnies.

The kids got a chance to help care for the rescue bunnies during feeding time.

What's the pay for taking care of rescue bunnies?
Snuggling the bunnies, of course!

It was wonderful spending so much time with my dad, stepmom, sister, and new brother-in-law.  The two weeks passed too quickly!  We will be back soon to visit for another week.
But first, we're all looking forward to seeing more family and having some adventures with Nana and Uncle Chris in Napa!

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