Friday, January 27, 2012

We're going to the "Q" Par-tay!!!!

Even though I'm still behind in posting the details for where we've been (I'm working hard to catch up!), I want to let you know where we're headed on today...

We're going to Quartzsite, AZ!!!  Yeehaw!!!  

All Rv'ers know that Quartzsite is the place to be in January!  This teeny, tiny town on the AZ/CA border on I-10 comes alive in January.  There are HUGE shows there...RV shows, rock and mineral shows, a big PowWow, etc.  Learn about the town of Quartzsite HERE.  They are "The Rock Capital of the World" :)

All the RV hook-up sites in town are booked, so we are boon-docking/dry camping (no hook-ups).  To date we've only boon- docked one night at a time.  We'll be attempting 3 nights in a row :)  The good news is that we can run our generator all night, unlike at some parks that have quiet hours.  We will be staying on Bureau of Land Management land (BLM), which means no camping fees  :)  This will be our first stay on BLM.  We're looking forward to learning about it.  You can learn all about BLM HERE.  Check them out and see if there is any in your neck of the woods to enjoy!

We also very excited about meeting other full-time families!!!  There is a group of them meeting-up on BLM in Quartzsite.  Who are full-time families?  Check them out here:  You can meet families and learn what life on the road is like here:  Family blogs  We're even having a potluck dinner!  Yay!!!  I'm looking forward to making relationships with others that are on this adventure of a lifetime, too.  Oh.... and I can't wait to learn how they do it!

Quartzsite already has a special place in my heart, as my grandpa lived there for many years before he died.    Jon and I have been through there a couple of times to visit him, but never during snowbird season.  He lived year round in Quartzsite.  There are only a few hardy souls that live in Q year round!  He would tell us stories about the winter season and he was always looking forward to it because that is when he'd get to see all his old friends again.  Unfortunately, Grandpa died a couple of years ago.  I'll miss visiting with him this weekend.  I think he'd get a huge kick out of the fact that we're there in January in a...........RV!

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