Monday, January 23, 2012

Jellystone and Yogi Bear

December 20th-22nd:

We discovered that a Jellystone was located right up the road from New Orleans, in Roberts, LA.  So, we decided to check out the famed Jellystone Campground for a couple of days.  The kids were so excited to see Yogi Bear and to play at this family campground!  
First, you have to register in the Ranger Station.  Hee hee!

We could see how this would be a fun campground in the summer, but in December... it was a ghost town!  They have many activities from canoeing to swimming in multiple pools, playgrounds to horseshoes, mini-golf to arcade games, hiking trails to kayaking.  Unfortunately, all the activities were closed for the season, except mini-golf and horseshoes.

Where is everybody???
There are plenty of campsites available, you can take your pick... anyone want to join us?

We chose campsite #7

To the right is the pond, swimming pools, mini golf, a great playground, and an even better climbing tree.

Everyone is ready to hit the links first!
(The closed swimming area is behind the kids.)

A lesson on putting with a quick geometry lesson by dad :)
Do you see that the golf course winds under the trees over Jon's shoulder???

Well, those trees made us give up the golf round on hole #7.
The debris was just way too difficult to putt through as we got under the trees.  We were racking up scores of 27 on the holes :)

It rained most of the 3 days we were there.  So, we decided to cancel our swamp tour :(  We were so very disappointed.  Instead, we worked on our studies (including auto shop and photography class) and prepared for Christmas.  Yay, Christmas is only days away!!! 

Auto shop topic:  checking and adding power steering fluid.

During a break in the rain, the kids could be found climbing this amazing tree!

Photography class:  learning to pose for black and white photos :)

Are you wondering, did we ever get to meet Yogi Bear?

Does this count?  The kids didn't think so!

Well, it's time to make our way to Beaumont, TX for Christmas!

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