Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A short stop in Laurel, MS

Laurel, MS December 15-16th:

Sleep Hollow RV "Resort", site #12

We had a good time in Laurel, if not at the RV park :)  (Sometimes you should just go with your gut, as I had a feeling about this place from their website... often much is revealed in the RV park's name!  hee hee  It was little creepy.)  

This was basically just a rest stop on our way to New Orleans.  However, we did discover a great gem in Laurel, called Landrum's Homestead and Village http://www.landrumscountry.com/.  It is a "living history museum" that is a mock up of a turn of the 20th century town.  They have barns of old farm equipment, gristmill, an old school house, animals, a chapel, a forestry exhibit and fire tower, and other unique activities...like gem mining, a shooting gallery, a mystery house, and more!

I'm so glad I don't have to do laundry this way :)

This shooting gallery was so fun!!  When you hit the target, the item would do something.  The piano was my favorite, as when you hit the target it would play a tune.  The frog was cute, too....

Ye olde school bus :)
Our school bus now is our RV!

There were so many old tools...

This peacock was gorgeous... and totally showing off!  He was right under the fire tower.

The Mystery House!
It was very challenging walking through it... we practically fell over.  We were even able to walk on a wall.
BTW~  I took this picture standing perfectly upright.

Horseshoes, always fun!

More old tools and equipment...
I'm glad that Jon is with us.  He's a farm boy, so he was able to tell us what these tools did.

We had a great time at Landrum's!
We all learned how very hard people had to work just 100 years ago to survive and chores took all day to complete!

We're looking forward to our journey to Canjun Country!  NOLA: New Orleans, LA... here we come!

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