Monday, October 3, 2011

A Quick Recap...

Doesn’t it figure…once you start a blog that you have computer problems??  So sorry there hasn’t been any updates for awhile.  I’ll do a quick recap to catch you up to where we are today.  We will elaborate on each leg in separate posts to come.  We also look forward to sharing a tour of our “Cottage Home” soon. 

We started our journey at Tyndall Air Force Base Fam Camp, Raptor Ranch in FL.  We moved into “The Cottage” Sept. 10th.  We spent the next 2 weeks finishing commitments, getting our household goods put into storage, celebrating 2 birthdays, and saying good-bye.

Raptor Ranch campsite #60…all ready for departure Sept. 23rd!

Our first stop on the journey was Uchee Creek Campgrounds on Ft. Benning on the AL/GA border.  Site #11 was our home for the next 4 nights:

It was so nice to be in the “mountains”!  We enjoyed a lot of wildlife around our site… deer, armadillos, and birds.  These deer joined us for breakfast and dinner every night!  We also toured the National Infantry Museum.  What an amazing treasure.  We’re so thankful for our infantry men that took “The Last 100 Yards” in key battles in our history that brought forth victory.

Because we didn’t know the exact date of our departure from FL, we did not have a travel route plan put together.  So, we discussed where we should go next, only knowing that we wanted to be in TN for most of October.  We kicked around the idea of Washington DC and Ohio, but determined that there just wasn’t enough time to make either trip.  

Jon has wanted to check out Huntsville, AL, so we decided that this would be a great opportunity to do it.  Off we headed to Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, AL…site #56:

It was such a beautiful park.  We took a couple of hikes, had campfires, and toured the US Space and Rocket Center.

It was then time to plan our TN leg of the trip.  The only problem was it being so late in the year, it was tough finding a place to call home for a month that fit both our desires and our new budget.  We really wanted to be in the Smokies National Park, but they were booked.  We found beautiful RV parks, but most of them were “resorts” and so very expensive!   We kept up our search and we found a gem of a place!  We’re calling site #88 in Pigeon Forge, TN home for now :)  

Why have I shared all the camp site numbers?  We found it very interesting that at every stop, the number of our camp sites have been numbers that are important in our family.  Our first site #11… was the day we got married.  #56 was the number of the first small home group that we led in El Paso, TX and was Jon’s motocross number.  #88 was the year I graduated high school.  It’s just one of those little things that we are using to bring historical conversation into our family dialogue.  We are imparting our family’s story as we share important dates and information with our kids over dinner.  It reminds us that we have a history to share with the kids as we’re making new history together on this journey. 

How do you share your family history?  What reminds you to tackle this important task?


  1. Kellie,
    Thanks so much for the update on team Monty!!
    May God bless your journey

  2. Thanks for the update. Hopefully you guys are enjoying being somewhat unplugged from all the things that keep us busy. Keep enjoying the wildlife, history, etc!