Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One year ago...

Do you remember where you were one year ago?

We do...it was one year ago that we felt God release us from Panama City, FL. It has been an amazing year of faith! All we knew was that we were to get our house ready to sell and to look for other work for Jon.

We spent the next five months getting the house ready...after living in our home for nine years, there were projects we were in the middle of that need finishing, updating that the house needed, and a little bit of clutter that had to be eliminated (which happens when you add another child and you are a home educator :)).

The whole time we were preparing the house, we heard how crazy it was to sell a house "in this market". We also thought we were crazy! We are very steady people...we're a military family after all :). However, any time that we thought about stopping, we reminded ourselves that God was asking us to prepare. If we quit, we'd be disobeying Him.

One thing I've learned in the years of walking with Him, is that when He asks you to do something, you obey--crazy or not. And often times, it'll look crazy to everyone else. Thankfully, He gave us His peace to walk this journey. We were going to obey, the results were up to Him.

So, while we were getting the house ready, Jon was also looking for jobs. He was looking only at military, civil service type jobs. Over the course of this year, God started leading Jon in a new, unexpected direction. We still don't have the whole picture of what this means yet. We know that God is using this RV journey to get us to the next adventure in Jon's career. We'll be blogging about it as the expedition continues...

This has been an amazing year of prayers, answers, direction, and new things. Among the stand out events of this year is the way God confirmed His plan regarding our house... It sold the day we put it on the market, for OVER asking price! Now we knew...we were on the move!

So, how did we end up on an RV adventure? One year ago, as we passed an RV dealer on the way to church (that we'd passed hundreds of times over the last eight years)--Jon looked over at me and said, "You know, we could sell everything and go on the dream trip..."

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