Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellowstone National Park, WY (Day One)

We explored and enjoyed Yellowstone National Park for two days in a row, thanks to some gorgeous weather! 

I have hundreds of photos, but I won't post quite that many :)  
Enjoy seeing Yellowstone NP through our eyes!
Here is Day One:
What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday was the Blizzard of Cinco de Mayo!
The welcoming committees...bison and elk!  They would prove to be faithful companions during our time in the park.
The first bison herd we spotted!  

Their neighbors:  the elk

First stop is Old Faithful, of course :)
The next prediction is accurate +/- 10 minutes.
We had about 45 minutes to wait, so the kids got busy on their junior ranger workbooks while we explored the visitor center.
Time to head out for the show :)

Right on schedule!
After we saw Old Faithful erupt, we hiked the Geyser Trail on Geyser Hill.  We saw some really pretty springs, tiny geysers, and a lot of really stinky holes :)

Stay on the boardwalk!
Lions Head Geyser erupted right after we passed by!
While exploring more trails around the park,
we found one of our favorite things:
boiling mud pits!

More wildlife greet us:
A gorgeous Mountain Bluebird!  (Sorry it's blurry, still getting used to
our new camera.)
Yes... a male grizzly bear!
(He's in the middle of the picture.)
Gibbon Falls

Artist Paintpots Trail

View from the lower trail

View from the top overlook
More boiling mud!

Good night Yellowstone...we'll see you in the morning!

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