Friday, May 11, 2012

Big Sky Country...Montana

We have never been to Montana before, but it has always been on the wish list.  Well, we found our dream property over and over again as we drove through west Montana!  It is gorgeous county!  It is definitely still the wild west out here... we saw wild elk herds, bald eagles, and SNOW flurries and pellets in MAY during our drive to Anaconda, MT.  

Welcome to Montana!

Did I mention the wild weather???
We went from this:

To this:
Snow pellets are falling!
It was like that all afternoon....beautiful blue sky to winter weather and back again.  The cool thing about Big Sky country, is that you can see the weather from miles away!

It was blue sky when we stopped for lunch, but by the end...the kids were catching ice pellets for desert :)

Fun memories :)

One dream property...right on the river!
I took many pictures as we were flying down the interstate, but most of them are blurry :(
We made a quick stop for the night in Anaconda, MT, just west of Butte.  What is Anaconda famous for??

Well, they may be famous for more than that, but this is the first thing you see coming into town. :)

At the time the Stack was built in 1919, it was the tallest masonry, brickwork structure and chimney of any kind in the world and it remains the world's tallest and possibly largest free standing masonry structure. An interesting note is that the Washington Monument would easily fit inside. It is commonly referred to as 
'The Stack' and is a well known landmark in western Montana.

We had really nice neighbors next to our campsite and we enjoyed meeting them.  They were on their way to Coeur D'Alene for the first time.  It was fun to share our new knowledge of the town with them.  They also gave us the scoop on West Yellowstone.  We were debating between staying in Gardiner or West Yellowstone.  We're so thankful the Lord put this couple on our path to guide us to the right town for us :) 

The next morning we were on our way to West Yellowstone, MT!!!
On the way, we finally found the direction we were looking for on this journey....
The sign is pointing EAST :)

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