Monday, November 28, 2011

Ohio to South Carolina via Tennessee

We sadly said goodbye to Ohio, but were looking forward to getting back on the road.  Our main destination was Traveler's Rest, South Carolina (near Greenville).  However, we had to make a 4 night pitstop in Pigeon Forge, TN on the way.

We decided to return to Bear Cove Village RV Park, where we spent the month of October.  It was so nice pulling into the "old" neighborhood :)  We were greeted by the friends we made during our first stay.  It was really fun seeing them again.  Our previous next door neighbors were our next door neighbors again.  And you know what they did to bless us---again---????


A Smoky Mountain Christmas, here we come!

Last visit, we hit all the rides---many times over!  However, we didn't see any of the shows.  This trip, we decided to make the shows and the light displays a priority.  We were delighted to discover Dollywood ensures that EVERY show proclaimes the gospel---which is the GOOD news that a Savior was born for us, as a gift.  

First up, Dollywood's Christmas on Ice

The ice show was really good!  We were very impressed with how much they did on a *tiny* rink!

Next, A Smoky Mountain Christmas

The cast was exceptional!  It's the first time we've seen this show.  We all loved it!

It was really hard for me to get a good picture because the cast was in non-stop motion!

Last, T'was the Night Before Christmas  

Very cute show.  We loved the St. Nick actor, as he reminded us of our dear friend Ken Broughton.

I loved all the shows.  However, the best part was watching my children watch the shows.  The pure wonder and joy on on their faces was priceless.  

It was a beautiful evening at Dollywood and the crowd wasn't too bad at all... so we were able to hit some rides, too!

Barnstormer!  Faith and I's favorite.  It was VERY different riding at night!
This ride definitely makes your tummy jump :)

DT and Jolie prefer the bumper cars...

We all jumped on the Ferris Wheel so that we could enjoy all the lights slowly.

My camera just doesn't do the 4 MILLION lights justice.  The lighting was incredible!

Our favorite tree:  there were white dropping lights on the branches, too.  It looked like it was snowing in the tree!
You can kinda seem them here... they're the little flickers of white.

The best seasonal ride is the 4D Polar Express.... so fun!  It was like we were actually IN the movie.

First, we had to give the conductor our tickets! 
Then, we had to put on these *really attractive* 4D goggles :)

A benefit of being the photographer... there are no photos of ME in those things :)

If you ever get a chance to go... we highly recommend Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas!!!  We're all in the Christmas mood now...  enjoying the season that celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

Team Monty wishes you all a very:

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