Tuesday, November 22, 2011

O-H-I-O: Farm livin' is the life for us!

View from the Peterson's kitchen... 

One of my deepest desires is to be a generous hostess, always having an open door, a smile, and homemade goodies ready to fill empty bellies.  Unfortunately, this does not come naturally for me.  But God is so faithful to help me fulfill my heart's desire, that He gives me amazing examples to learn from.  Our sweet, dear friend Lisa Peterson was just such a person in my life this month.  Because of her and her family's incredible love and generosity, our family now has *priceless* memories from this RV adventure.  We are forever grateful...

In my post from Dayton, I mentioned how it was very difficult finding RV accommodations in the area we needed to be because it was "winter".  I posted this info on Facebook and Lisa immediately contacted me to offer their farm as a place to stay.  This was as we were departing for Ohio.  Three days later we were parked next to their barn, eating *homemade pumpkin whoopie pies* and taking over their basement!  (We affectionately dubbed it "Occupy Peterson Basement.")

They took in our family of 5 for 8 days with 3 days notice...that is hospitality, personified.

Our "campsite" on the farm:

Coolest campsite eh-vah!
See the corn peeking out from behind the barn on the left of the photo?


Here's a better view of the corn field!
(FYI...the field on the left is harvested soybeans.)  

We had an amazing 11 day trip to Ohio.  We did LOTS of visiting, eating, and playing!  We visited Jon's mom, sister, and a cousin that I got to meet for the first time.  We all enjoyed Grandma Betty's cooking!  The kids' favorite:  ice cream cupcakes :)  We also visited with more of Jon's dear childhood friends Mace Anderson and Tony Purcell.  Tony had us all over for dinner at his farm and we had grilled pork chops that were *the best* I've ever eaten.  I soon discovered why... they not only grow crops, but they also raise hogs.  Hint, hint! ;)  Another one of Jon's friends, John Persinger and his wife Debbie, stopped by the Peterson's "campsite" to visit.  

I think the best way to share this week is through photos...  and since I have MANY from the week I'll have to make 2 blog posts!  I'll start with the fun and food in this post :)  Next post--harvest and other educational opportunities!

The kids played HARD all week... thoroughly enjoying farm life and all it's benefits---lots of room to play, lots of opportunities to shoot things, and lots of toys with engines!  :) 

The race is ON!

Playing in a hay loft...

Team Monty's new favorite ride!!!  We're so getting one!!  :)

Every farm needs one of these:

What is Jon up to here???? 

  He's setting up the Pumpkin Chunker!!!

Great shot, Faith!

Pumpkin Carnage :)

After all the activity, we were hungry!!!
Did I mention that we had awesome food???

Yum... a deep fried dinner :)  My favorites:  fried pickles and fried Oreos!!
Daniel learning to make my other favorite food:  Kettle Korn!  Thanks, Debbie :)

And no one can beat Grandma Betty's pot roast with gravy and homemade applesauce!

We had a great time!  But all the fun isn't over yet... it's harvest time on the Peterson farm!  

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