Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exploring the Black Hills

Our Final Day in the Black Hills
On the agenda~
Wind Cave National Park
Needles Highway
Custer State Park

The park is gorgeous and full of wildlife.
You get to drive through and enjoy it while making your way to the visitor center and cave entrance. 

We found many pronghorn and bison throughout the park.

The prairie dogs were our favorite :)
They are so fun to watch!  They squeak, wiggle their tails, and are very busy.

A momma and her babies

Working on Junior Ranger badges and having a picnic.

The Wind Cave is known for the rare boxwork that lines it's tunnels.
It is also one of the longest caves in the world!
So glad to know this :)

The cave tour starts at the entrance that started it all.  It was discovered by a teenager in the 1800's that found the small hole and went in to explore!  I just don't think I would've done that :) 

The ranger has a yellow flag in front of the hole.  Depending on the air pressure, the wind either blows out or sucks in.
The wind is blowing out today, meaning a low air pressure day.

Exploring inside Wind Cave


After the tour was complete, so were the junior ranger badges :)
We LOVE the happy rangers :)
We spent the rest of the afternoon driving through Custer State Park and part of the Needles Highway.  
The area is just so beautiful!  We are very sad
that it's time to go.  We'd love to come back to hike some of the many trails and camp in Custer State Park.

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