Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enjoying family...

Are y'all wondering we're we've been?  After traveling from coast to coast, we are enjoying a long visit with my family.  We haven't had an opportunity to have such a nice, long, unhurried visit since I joined the Air Force in 1990.  The kids are having a blast playing with their uncles and aunt and grandparents, doing farm chores, going to the library and on field trips, and stretching out from our time in the RV.  We've had a blast on the RV adventure, but we all are enjoying a little "normalcy" in routine and seeing people that we know and love.

The road is calling to us to come out and explore, but we have a couple more weeks in Northern California to enjoy first.  We're seeing the first signs of spring here and look forward to traveling again as a new season arrives.

The blog will be updated as I find the balance between sharing and preserving memories...while also in the process of making them :)

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