Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A few days in the Georgia Mountains....

We're now officially "Westbound"!

After a short travel day on Nov. 30th, we arrived at our next destination... The Mountain House, near Helen, GA.  We got to spend a few days hanging with G and Nan!  More friends from Panama City that the Lord has moved north.  Our relationship with the Evans was actually knit *after* they moved!  We knew each other from church, but the Lord has been building our relationship in an amazing way for the last 14 months.  The Lord really does bring people in our lives at pivotal times and then we are blessed all the more for those relationships.

Our "campsite" :)  We're actually parked in front of their 5th wheel RV (which you can't see because it's tucked in on the other side of the house.)
And yes, our trucks are twins :)
The night time temps were c-o-l-d here (19*-29*).  We're so thankful our hosts made us sleep in the Mountain House.  :)  Although, they didn't have to twist our arms too much... hee hee

Our hosts are very are young at heart and love to play!!  The kids had a blast riding the ATVs, firing their weapons, baking cookies, and playing with their critters.

DT Ripstickin'

Jolie on the little ATV.  Faith driving DT on the big ATV.

DT and Jolie

Takin' my love to the back 40 ;)

Baking sugar cookies with Nan :)

This is the BEST dog!  Jolie and Brodie....hanging together.
(The kids have missed their doggie very much, so they really enjoyed loving and playing with Brodie and Shiloh.)

We also took care of a couple of other things:
Inaugural run on FaceTime with friends from Panama City getting ready to also head out on a grand RV adventure.
Squeezing in math between ATV races.

A Quick Field Trip

After many trips to this area over the years, we finally made it to the Cabbage Patch Babyland.  We were practically the only people touring the "hospital" the day we went.  (We are getting very spoiled being able to enjoy places and not have to wait in lines and battle crowds!)  It was a sweet, funny field trip.  Shhh...don't let them know I told you this, but even the boys enjoyed it!

A concrete baby head coming out of a cabbage... kinda creepy!

We started the tour by going through the nursery...

There was a nursery baby "nurse" that was very sweet and friendly.  She was rocking the "baby" when we walked in and she let Jolie hold the "newborn".
Then we made it to the magical crystal tree where the cabbage patch babies are born.  We got to see a live birth...  (there were PA announcements in the hospital announcing that there was a cabbage- 10 leaves dilated. Bwahhhaaa.... too funny.)  The "delivery" nurse talked as she "delivered" the baby, making it sound like she was really delivering a baby.

Labor and delivery at the magical crystal tree

It's a BOY!!!

After the birth, the baby gets all checked out...weighed and measured.

The kids had the honor of naming the baby...  
meet Jon Daniel:

That's their namesake in the bassinet.

Merry Christmas from Babyland General Hospital!

On Saturday, Nan and G's grandsons came over to play...  and boy howdy... did they play!  Football, DS, riding the ATVs, shooting, and roller skating!

G and the boys playing with their toys!

Practicing for his possible future profession.

Faith is quite the sharp shooter... hitting most targets attempted!

Don't mess with this Texas girl!

Still not worn out from all the morning's activities... so we took them skating!

The trip to the roller rink provided an extra field trip for Daniel... to the Urgent Care facility!  The ladies there were all so very sweet and he got a lesson about radiology:)

Xrays of a wounded elbow.
We took Daniel in with a potential broken elbow, but praise the Lord... it was only a serve bruise.  He's rocking the cool black sling now :)

Another Sunday... another new church.  This time... a megachurch:  
Free Chapel!

Amazing sound system...  this picture was taken about 1/3 of the way back in the sanctuary.   There were still 2 more sections of seating behind here!

Mac Powell from Third Day rocked the praise and worship.
Pastor Jentezen Franklin rocked the preaching!
"Step OUT of Line" was the title of the message.
And well, that's exactly what we did when we started this
RV adventure!!

After church we went out to lunch...where Nan and G surprised Faith by having the restaurant staff sing Happy Birthday to her :)

Another 13th birthday surprise!  :)

Farewell "Mountain House"
... you are so cozy tucked into the north GA mountains!

Monday morning...  time to head for our first week of service!!!  Tuscaloosa, AL will be home for the next 10 days as Jon serves with Samaritan's Purse rebuilding homes destroyed by the spring tornadoes that devastated this community.  He is so excited about this opportunity to be the hands, feet, and back of Jesus...

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  1. Isn't Free Chapel amazing?? We attended the Sunday am service when we went to Forward Conference in June.