Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Know your equipment...

I've never locked myself out of a car, in 25 years of driving.  Well, today after living in the RV for less than 3 weeks, I locked us out of it!  How in the world could I have done this, when the doors lock only from the outside with keys?

It'll all happened innocently enough.  We were making a short walk to a playground in the camping area when I locked one door from the inside and walked out through our other door.  I thought that our home was only partly locked.  Good enough, since we weren't going to be that far away.

I have now learned, there are 2 types of locks on each door.  One acts like a deadbolt and one acts like a simple lock on a door knob.  I threw the "deadbolt" on the front door, while the back door had the simple lock engaged that wasn't detectable from the inside.

It really is a good thing to know how your equipment works.  I think we'll all have a few RV101 lessons in the near future!

You know, I'm so blessed.  When we returned and discovered what I had done, my family laughed and handled the whole incident with grace and understanding.  We had just eaten lunch, the weather was beautiful, and we bought Good Sam's road side assistance insurance last week.


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  1. I forgot to mention - I love the name of the blog - it fits perfectly. Critters are doing great. We are enjoying getting to know them.